Strofades island - church

History of Strofades

The Strofades islands are located 40 nautical miles south of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea. Their  lush vegetation and towering ancient cedar trees form a forest of unique beauty, famous in Greece and throughout the Mediterranean and is also a stopping place in the spring for thousands of migrating birds to rest.

The impressive monastery of the Virgin Pantocharas, built in 1241 and graces the Strofades Island housing many famous and anonymous monks.

St Dionysos the patron saint of Zakynthos died in 1622 and according to his wishes had his corpse taken to the monastery to remain there.  In 1716, the islands were attacked by pirates, who mutilated the corpse of the saint and so it was decided to transfer the casket back to Zakynthos where he remains to this day in St Dionysos Church in Zakynthos Town.